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California Dreamin’


Disneyland is done. For now.

My kids love playgrounds (apparently for children this is a normal thing). In Kauai, there’s one in particular call Lydgate. It’s huge (for Kauai) and my kids could spend all day there. Disneyland is like the most epic park experience they could ever have! I tried to imagine seeing the rides through their eyes; everything must have seemed so real. In any case, Disneyland is a park that they get to spend all day in. It’s endless fun. So no surprise they did great today.

Plus we got the hook-up so it was free 🤗🤗.

After today, we wake up bright and early to make our way to LAX and take a flight to Philadelphia. We’ll spend the night and most of the next day in the City of Brotherly Love (unless you’re a Giants fan) and then make our way to Jersey to see some family.

You know, Vanessa and I can take awhile sometimes to make a decision. Sometimes, especially with me, there’s a tendency to overthink things. Paralysis by analysis. I try to make sure that every part of a decision is good, which, really, isn’t possible most of the time. So many “unexpecteds” can happen. But other times….

Other times we make decisions incredibly quicklay. I don’t like the word impulsive… I don’t want to be known as a impulsive person… but sometimes we just don’t worry about the “what-ifs.” We just go. Our move to Kauai was a good example of that. And this excursion is another one. Two-and-a-half-months across three continents with three young kids. We have/had talked about looking at other countries to visit or potentially even move to for years, but never followed through. Finally, one week, we decided to. It was very sudden. After a couple of weeks of trying to book all the different flights on our own, I found a company called Airtreks (a company that specializes in booking multi-destination travel), gave them a call, the dates, the places we wanted to go to, and they took care of it. Incredibly easy. The point is, once the tickets were booked, we knew it was a done deal. We were sure we wanted the tickets booked.

Is it wanderlust? Perhaps.

But defining the purpose of this trip as merely a desire to travel is selling it short.

We are hoping and praying that this helps us decide where to settle as a family unit.

We live in critical times. We’re trying to get through them. So… let’s get through this trip and then decide incredibly pragmatically (or not-so-pragmatically depending on how we’re feeling) what to do next.

See you in Jersey. ✈️

– Luke



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