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The Land Of Ire

A panoramic view of the western Irish coastline.

As it turns out, Ireland is pretty chilly. Ireland sits on the 53rd latitudinal parallel. Which means it sits equal with places like Kagamil Island of Alaska, and portions of Quebec, Canada. For some reason I had no idea of this. At the winter solstice the sun is only visible for 7.5 hours. At the summer, nearly 17. I am shocked to learn that this is as far north as I’ve ever been. So, coupled with the fact that Ireland sits on a cool ocean, and you have cool temps. If it gets into the 80’s during the summer it’s a big deal. It rarely snows during the winter, but it is dreary sometimes for weeks.

Also, it’s estimated that around 100,000 people speak the Irish language.

Also, I ordered bacon and cabbage at a pub the other night, but the bacon was actually baked ham.

Also, the roads here are really narrow, and people need to know they’re driving on the wrong side of the road.


There’s more.



Did you know Guinness is made in Ireland? It’s true. I was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you to learn that this delicious, nutritious (its apparently loaded with iron) creamy beverage is made here on this island of wonders.

We may or may not have ingested some already. Pretty sure Vanessa and I are both low on iron.

On another more personal note:

Me and my Uncle Rick

This is my Uncle Rick, my dad’s younger brother. I posted a picture of my Aunt Tani, my dad’s sister on IG. Both very special people to me. It’s odd, but at the same time not that they knew my dad… so therefore know me. It was wonderful to see my family in New Jersey.

– Luke


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