An Artist in the Family

I’m not an artist although I always wanted to be.  I’d sit there in art class all throughout school and work really hard on different projects and be super proud of what I’d come up with whether it be drawings or paintings, only to be let down and slightly embarrassed when the real artists in the class showed their work.  Not everyone is a natural born artist. 

Our middle child, however, has begun to show us her artistic side.  It started off with little markings on the walls, coincidentally with pencil so it came off really easily, but still I was quick to make sure she knew we didn’t approve of writing on walls. But, the drawings continued. They even continued while we stayed at several airbnb locations in multiple countries a few months back and she managed to leave her mark on windows, sofas, chairs and tables.  It seemed like no matter what form of discipline we tried, it didn’t matter. She just couldn’t help herself.  She still can’t.  She draws on herself daily with markers and when she is done, she almost always looks at her work in admiration.  She’s proud of herself.  And to be honest, I am too.  

I am beginning to appreciate that maybe this is her outlet. Maybe this is the way she will express herself as she grows.  And I’ll be there, with plenty of washable markers, every step of the way.:) 


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