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Rainy days and a sick Jude

Not even a month in to the school year and Jude has caught a bug.  Nothing too crazy but he was sniffly and has a cough that made me want to keep him home today.  Jude isn’t the type of kid to let a little cold get him down and today was no exception.  While we didn’t get to see the solar eclipse this morning (I guess Hawaii wasn’t in the right position to catch a good view of it), we did get a freak rainstorm with thunder and lightning to go along with it, literally no warning and we get this huge downpour with crazy winds!


These kids continue to amaze me with their little adventurous spirits and wide eyes so happy to just live in the moment.  Jude wanted to play in puddles and find his mama some leafy treasures and his little sister was right on his tail ready to brace the storm too.



Jude’s raincoat is getting so small on him!  I’ve held onto it for two years too many and yet neither of us is ready to let it go.  I know its just a coat but its like if I pass it down to someone else, I’m letting a little piece of Jude go.  When did I become so sentimental!!??


We had several moments today where my patience was lacking and it was one of those days where I doubted myself and my abilities as a mama.  As I write this, the kids are winding down for bed and Luke is off for the night and I’m listening to him read them silly bedtime stories.  Their little giggles are so healing to this mama’s heart and im so grateful for moments like this.




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