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The whole life challenge and some potty training too

Luke and I started the Whole Life Challenge together with our Crossfit gym a few weeks back.  It’s exactly what I’ve been needing to give myself a jumpstart into healthy eating and lifestyle habits.  I’ve struggled with balancing a regular fitness routine and preparing healthy home cooked meals  (can anyone say TAKE OUT?) while raising my babies and faced low energy as well.  Needeless to say, this challenge has been a long time in coming!!

   Every week we have a different challenge to tackle and my favorite, by far, has been the first week’s challenge where we limit our use of social media and our devices.  Its amazing how much time I waste on my phone DAILY!  Time that could be better spent doing other, more productive things.  I’ve tried occasionally to take a break from my phone, taking complete days off at a time but its never lasted.  Being held accountable and having other team members cheering you on is so, so much easier.  It’s a habit that I am trying really hard to keep.

We still have a few weeks to go until the challenge ends, so I’m sure I’ll have more to report by then but for now, energy levels are up, I feel happy and healthier and while the scale isn’t dramatically changing, my clothes fit differently (in a good way) and working out has become less of a chore and more of a choice and…dare i say it…fun:)!!  

Also, potty training is happening!!! We tried a few months back and Everly was definitely not ready.  Now though, she is doing so well recognizing when she has to go and while we have had several accidents, things are looking good for us over here on the home front. 

The other day I heard lots of giggles coming from underneath the kitchen table.  All three kids were playing together, for the FIRST time! and it was such a sweet moment for this tired mom.  I pray for patience DAILY and some days are better than others, but this is what I live for right here.  Children are so forgiving and love you unconditionally and its only fair you treat them the same way.  My dream for them is to look out for each other as they grow and be each other’s best friends and it’s all happening organically…I don’t even have to force it. 











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