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winter camping and sick babies

I welcomed Jude’s winter break with open arms!  A chance to sleep in a little and not have to worry about packing school lunches for a few weeks is my idea of a good time these days…winter break also means anything goes so we planned a quick camp trip to Polihale.  The weather is unpredictable this time of year but even a cold, cloudy camp trip would be a fun getaway from the norm.

Luke has been working so much this holiday season and so he wasn’t able to make it camping with us… a major bummer, but we decided to go anyways and ended up having a really great time.  My family and some of our good friends were there too and pitched in to help with the kids, hashtag grateful:).

The good weather held out for us until our last morning there when we got completely rained out and had some thunder and lightning as well.  The road out of Polihale was starting to flood by the time we finished packing up and I was seriously worried if we would make it out of there, but our mini van pulled through!

Not long after we got back from our camp trip we all started dropping like flies.  Luke got sick first…the man never calls in sick and he ended up in bed for three days straight with the flu.  Then, one by one, the rest of us got a slightly milder case of what Luke had but still with nasty symptoms.  We are finally on the mend and the worst is over but we have nasty coughs and lots of stuffy noses.

On a lighter note, Jude learned how to ride his bike this week.  It took him a few tries and he had it down…I couldn’t be prouder.  Luke took him to get all his safety gear this afternoon, new helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and the cutest Lightning McQueen biking gloves I’ve ever seen in my life.

Needless to say, this school break was too short and ended too fast, as it always does but it was so nice while it lasted!


PS: on my first camping post, I mentioned things that were on my wish list for our next camp trip.  I ended up buying the camp stove, kids cots and also a little percolator and I couldn’t be happier with my purchases.  The stove hardly used any propane, granted we didnt do major cooking, just reheating prepped food and making coffee but it worked like a dream.  The percolator was easy to use, and as for the kids cots…kids fought over the one i bought so I ended up purchasing another.  I highly recommend!!!!!

Photos below of our camping trip fun:)


This last one is my favorite.  Isla is still half asleep and you can see Jude and Everly passed out behind her:)



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