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A red-eye gives you red eyes

It was a bumpy flight last night. I don’t do well with flying, and turbulence does not help. I did not sleep one wink. I looked around often at the people around me who were sleeping heavily, mouths agape, probably in some happy dreamland. I wondered how they managed to do it. Maybe someday for me.

Regardless, the plane did safely land. We got into LAX a little bit after 5 AM. The kids (who had slept most of the flight) were doing really well. Vanessa and I as you can imagine were pretty fatigued. The hardest part about this whole trip (and I knew this was going to be the case) is the luggage. In addition to toting three kids, Vanessa and I basically have three car seats in addition to all the luggage that we packed. Granted, we tried to be as minimal as possible with our packing.  It still ends up being a lot when you’re packing for five people and only two people to do the carrying.

So, we retrieve our luggage and make our way to the area where we get picked up by the shuttle to go get our rental car. Come to find out, the rental agency I picked didn’t open until 7 AM. Vanessa and I are looking at each other with red, weary eyes, wondering what to do next.  We hiked all the way back to the baggage claim and sat there for a moment collecting our thoughts.  I didn’t want to wait any longer. I was able, luckily, to call a different rental agency on the spot, and rent a minivan for us. Before 7 AM, before the other rental agency even opened, we were on the road in our van on the way to our hotel.

Naps ensued.

In-n-Out did as well.

As did Cheesecake Factory.

Now, at 10 PM, we’re able to breathe and recollect ourselves.

One day of fun in the Disneyland sun tomorrow, and then the next leg of our trip steps forward on Wednesday.

– Luke

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