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Catching Up

Hi!  I keep meaning to update everyone on what we have been doing from my perspective.  My goal HAD been to post every night after I put the kids to bed, but I always end up falling asleep before I get around to it.

Traveling has definitely tested my abilities as a parent but I’m so grateful that I’ve got Luke with me.  It always seems like when one of us is having an especially difficult time, the other is there to step in and help.  I guess that’s how this whole “marriage” thing is supposed to work though, isn’t it?:)  So far though, the kids have been doing an amazing job of keeping it together while traveling.  No major meltdowns yet.  Jude has already asked when we are going back home.  Poor kid can’t wrap his head around a 2 and half month long journey.

California was short and sweet.  Got to see some of my family and we were able to visit with a couple of friends too.  I was born and raised in Anaheim, but the longer that I am away from it, the less it feels like home.  Regardless, I did love being back there.  We ended up spending a day at Disneyland.  The kids of course, loved it and I’ve learned that one of my absolute favorite sounds in the world is Jude and Everly’s little squeals on all the kiddie rides.  I’ve adored Disneyland for as long as I can remember and I have lots of fun memories of going there are a kid.  But to see my own children enjoy it, now that is something special.  We ended up getting the park hopper pass so we were able to get into California Adventure as well.  Luke and I even got to ride on a rollercoaster together without the babies.  So fun!







Once we flew to the east coast, we spent part of the day in Philly.  It was FREEZING.  The wind had picked up and I wasn’t mentally prepared for it.  Tried not to whine…but that only lasted so long.  Cold is one thing…windy AND cold…well, that’s another.  We made it to the Rocky stairs, ran up to the top, took a quick picture by the statue and booked it back to the car.  I don’t know how, but the kids didn’t seem to mind the temperature.  Isla slept the entire time in her little Baby Bjorn and Jude and Ev weren’t complaining.  They get their tolerance for cold weather from their dad:).










Visiting with Luke’s family in New Jersey is always a treat.  They are so warm and welcoming and spoil the kids with lots of attention.  We only had 4 days with them, but so many family members made an effort to see us.  That meant a lot, especially to Luke.

I know Luke filled you all in on our time in the city.  That was an experience we will never forget.  New York City is difficult to maneuver through on your own.  Add three kids to the mix on a busy Sunday and it’s almost the perfect storm.  Luckily, we have got an awesome double stroller to pile the two older kids into.  Obviously, there is no way that you can see everything in one day, but fortunately we were able to visit two of our favorite spots, Central Park and Little Italy.









So far our experiences with checking in at the airports have been, honestly, really pleasant.  We’ve been doing the curbside checkins and that has saved us from dragging all of our baggage and carseats through the long lines inside.  Security lines haven’t been too long and the one time they were in LA, an attendant directed us through a shorter line right to the front. So far, so good!

SO…FINALLY.  Here we are in Ireland!!  The time change has been really difficult to get used to.  I honestly hadn’t given it much thought when planning this trip, but it has proved to be a challenge.  For the first few days in Ireland, the kids had been getting to bed around 2, even 4 am.  Luke was even up with Everly until 6am one morning.  Then we would end up sleeping in until 2 in the afternoon. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my time here.  So here we are, over a week later and we are slowly getting to bed at a more reasonable time.

We have been staying in Carraroe, a 45 minute drive from Galway.  It’s a rural Irish village, one of many.  I had this idea in my head of what Ireland would be like.  Little narrow roads with rock walls and friendly faces wherever we went.  Carraroe is just that.  Off the beaten path, but still close enough to Galway that we have been able to venture into the city almost daily.

There is something I’ve been wanting to see for quite some time now.  Something unique to Ireland; the Cliffs of Moher.  Guys, I can’t even begin to tell you what that experience was like.  For lack of a better word: EPIC.  You have to walk a little ways before you can actually see the cliffs, so the anticipation just builds.  THEN, you see it.  It takes your breath away.  Sheer, green, rocky cliffs, big waves crashing against them below you.  Sea mist only adds to it all.  You feel like an insignificant speck standing beside this majestic sight and it’s crazy once you start thinking about how long these cliffs have been here.  I could have stood there forever if it wasn’t for the bitterly cold wind.  I’d say this was definitely one of my all time favorite places to experience.




I’m not sure Jude realizes how special this place is, but someday when he is older, I hope he looks back at these pictures and sees what a lucky boy he was to get to be here making these memories with his family.



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